Loyola Hostel Project: One of the long awaited programmes of Alumni Association is the construction of Loyola Hostel with more accommodation facilities. Ever since inception applications for hostel seats have been steadily growing. Most of the Blocks were builT before 70 years and they are not in a position to get renovated. Loyola hostel gets over 4000 applications from all over Tamil Nadu and Kerala, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh besides some from other parts of India. Due to the growing need of Hostel Accommodation three of the existing Rocket room blocks were brought down to build a new hostel with more number of rooms. On 30 th of January the foundation stone was laid for constructing a new hostel to provide accommodation to 500 students. Over 30 Executive members of Alumni Association and the Executives of Local Chapters were present on this occasion providing an assurance of their support to realize this project.

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