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Dear Alumni of Loyola, Chennai,

Greetings to you all!

It gives me immense joy to reach you all through this online platform.

Loyola Alumni Association steps into a new history through this online platform as it redefines the way we connect and interact with each other. Loyola Alumni Connect is a new initiative that bridges the time-space-demographic divide among us and enables alumni of the Loyola Campus to be in touch with each other on a real time basis. Loyola family is a global family and this CONNECT celebrates this bonding. Today, more than ever, Loyola alumni are spread over the length and spread of this glob and this CONNECT can act as a hub that connects the spokes.      On March 7, 2019 Fr. General of the Society of Jesus addressed the Jesuit Alumni in Mumbai and underscored the role the alumni need to play in the current geo-political situation.He invited the alumni to get involved in the following areas.

  1. Provide an opportunity for bonding
  2. Provide a platform for discerning and planning
  3. Provide a forum for ongoing formation

Loyola Connect aims to achieve this and each one of you can play a critical role in making it a reality. Each one of you is richly blessed with expertise, energy and goodwill and when all these are synergized, the outcome will be phenomenal for each one of you as well as to the Loyola family. Come friends let us rewrite the history of alumni association by our active engagement.  Let us be the ambassador of love, hope and compassion.

Stay Blessed,
Rev.Dr.Thomas Amirtham SJ